The Pure Heart of a 3 1/2 Year Old

The Pure Heart of a 3 1/2 Year Old

Today is already awesome and it isn’t even noon yet.

Lessons Learned:  I have enjoyed seeing the optimism and excitement the New Year has surfaced in people’s blogs the last couple days.  Many of us have great goals and plans.  Many of us will follow them for a while.  Few of us will see them all the way through.  Many will just give up.  I wonder why that is?

The answer occurred for me when I opened an envelope that my wife brought home for me after caring for my 3 1/2 year old grand daughter Eloise (she is my oldest).  Inside was a color crayon drawing of various colors, red, orange, green, purple and yellow.  The drawing had a heart and was covered with stickers of animals in motion and a many Curious George’s playing, laughing and messing around with balloons and the big yellow hat.  And prominently in big red letters she wrote PAPA (Nana wrote it and she traced it).  It is one of my favorite possessions.

 The Pure Heart of a 3 1/2 Year Old

 Here’s what Eloise taught me:

  1. Express you thoughts and feelings.  It doesn’t matter what others think.  It only matters what you think.
  2. Share your gifts
  3. Keep in motion.  Why walk when you can run?
  4. Relationships are everything.  Keep them close, tell others you love them and more importantly, show them you love them.
  5. Take time to play.  A great deal of learning comes from play.
  6. Its okay not do something perfectly the first time without practice.
  7. Remain optimistic.  Life is a plethora of possibilities.
  8. Be forever young!

Find your inner child and let it loose!  You’ll have sustained and awesome success.

Mark Carlson


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