Beyond Organic for Health Coaches

As Health Coaches, we are always looking for outstanding service deliverables and product offerings that align with our values and enhance our client’s success.  In today’s world of nutrition and food education it is getting increasingly difficult to define what healthy food really is.  Many look to the “USDA Organic” as the ultimate standard to define what healthy is and what standards define acceptable organic foods.  From our experience as Health Coaches, we know how unreliable or politically motivated this data can be.

Beyond Organic goes BEYOND the USDA Organic standards.  Watch this 60 minute tele-seminar with Dr. Josh Axe from Beyond Organic and me to learn the basics of Beyond Organic and see what an amazing product line Beyond Organic makes available to you.  It is presented with the Health Coach in mind.

Once you’ve seen this, you will see that for you and your clients that with Beyond Organic you can “Change Your Diet, Change Your Life and Change Your World”  Please contact me by email at for more information on Beyond Organic to see if a business opportunity that aligns with your coaching values is right for you, or how to simply order Beyond Organic foods for your private use.Related: amanda aspinall cause of death, did you hear about the farmer who gave his rooster, how much did spotify pay for armchair expert, mri with and without contrast for lumbar spine, amy milner age at death, jennifer meyers actress age, why is niels vink in a wheelchair, , friday the 13th game definitive edition, how to fake cancer wikihow, school application, how to fix blocked scene ps4 share play, colonial funeral home waterbury, ct, is it illegal to remove a passtime device, gas station manager duties and responsibilities,

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