My Client’s Successes

Nothing speaks louder than the actual words of my clients.  It is an honor to support my clients and I look forward to adding your story to this success page.

Mark Carlson made a profound difference in my well-being.  I have been on the road to wellness for over a year.  When I hired Mark to be my coach, I wasn’t sure of what truly I wanted.  Through his understanding of nutrition, exercise, and the challenges of daily life, I learned to reframe how I saw my own well-being.  From recipes to nutritional learning, from critiquing to accepting, from thinking there was one “right way” to understanding that everyone’s body is different, I begin to expand my world view.   I am consuming food I had never heard of before I hired Mark.  I am exercising with joy.  I am eating healthy 90% of the time.  Not only is my body lighter, my spirit is lighter.

B.G. – Minnesota

Prior to working with Mark  I was unclear as to what my business goals were.  My mind was bogged down with all of the possibilities of where my business could lead. I had so many different ideas and was completely confused as to what direction I should be heading in.   Mark helped me get clear and focused on my goals and more importantly, gave me effective strategies on how to achieve those goals.

I learned how to be more intentional on my marketing strategies and how to align my marketing plan with my goals. He also helped me discover the importance of creating realistic goals that are measurable, accountable, and time dimensional.  By doing so, I developed the necessary time management skills that led to an increase in my client base.

I also developed other areas of my business that allow me to work smarter, not harder while receiving more income!  Mark’s guidance and knowledge left me feeling empowered and confident in my ever-evolving journey of growing my business.

His ability to gently “push” me when I needed a push is exactly what I needed to get out of my comfort zone and actively pursue my dreams and passions.

H.C – Nebraska

Back in November, I started health coaching with Mark Carlson.  I met Mark through a network called Fast Track to Fat Loss.  He always posted uplifting and inspirational blogs and I had the opportunity to meet Mark a few years ago at a retreat here in Chicago.

I was impressed by his “laser focus” and his knowledge of what works to keep him feeling healthy and energetic.  Those were the exact qualities I was looking to possess.

Over the six-month course of coaching, Mark helped me deal with a number of stressful issues in my life, most of which had to do with my career as a legal administrator of an 18-attorney law firm in Chicago.  This position requires me to handle everything to do with running the law firm, such as human resources, finance, technology, records management and facilities management.  This stress had caused me to put on 30 pounds over the last ten years or so.

In working with Mark, I learned what taking care of myself should look like.  I started writing in my journal each morning and visualizing how I wanted my day to go.  I set specific and achievable goals for myself, like trying a new healthy recipe each week, committing to a set workout schedule, doing my journal each morning and spending some time during my commute on meditation.

I also received numerous helpful articles and materials that educated me on learning about what makes me tick and information on my specific body type and personality that helped me see where I needed to put in the effort to improve.

During the program, I lost 11 pounds and am happy to report that I am maintaining that weight loss and continuing to lose.  I also continue to journal and meditate and incorporate the healthy habits I learned while under Mark’s program.

I cannot thank Mark enough for all of his help in achieving this and other goals.  If you are unhappy with any aspect of your life, I highly recommend Mark’s program to help you identify what you can do to improve your health, whether you have a lot of weight to lose or just want to be healthier in general.  You will not regret it.

M.W. – Chicago

I have come to know Mark as a well-respected person within the mailing industry I work in.  A couple of years ago I saw one of his presentations after he started Tremendous Transformations and thought to myself, I should really look into this.  He presents a great case to improve my health, my career and get me reinvigorated in life. My only mistake was calling him two years later instead of talking to him right there and then!

I am in the Tremendous Transformation program and Mark has assisted me in a healthy nutrition plan, educated me on food, assisted me on becoming a more productive employee and having a renewed positive energy for life in general. He also is a great confidant on additional personal issues and while working with him I lost 10 additional pounds I didn’t even know I could lose directly because of his suggestions.

I strongly encourage everyone to at least give him one hour of your time so you can mutually assess whether his flexible program works for you.  It has been a key part of my personal transformation.

O.M. – Minnesota